Planet Reef Tour Hits the West Coast

“Party on Wayne.” “Party on Ger.” The beginning of August brought the Reef merrymaking machine to the west coast. And what was on their to-do list? Just to make three parties in three cities hold up against the ten day feast that was the east coast tour. They brought out the big guns to get things hopping.

Captain Rob Machado took to the high seas in San Diego with 300 scallywags and saucy wenches aboard looking for booty. Davy Jones’ Locker was rocking to 80’s favorites the entire time the grog was being poured.

Not one to be outdone, Brad Gerlach went big in Hollywood. The red carpet was rolled out for anyone lucky enough to get an invite. It didn’t matter who you were, if you didn’t know Ger you were left outside. With the lovely Kate on his arm Ger played host as the masses danced the night away.

Augie brought the party north to Santa Cruz. At this invite only event the maverick did well to show the people of Santa Cruz how to do it and do it big. Once again Reef supplied the catalyst of art and the lovely Miss Reef’s to get things cooking.

The west coast didn’t even see it coming.