All photos by Corey Wilson

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On Monday, June 25, the best 16 and under surfers from around the nation met at 9th St. in Huntington Beach to battle for the crown — to be the Quiksilver KING of the Groms. The winner received $100 for each heat win and an all expense paid trip to France for the Global Finals of KOTG held during the Quiksilver Pro France WT in September.

The contest ran normal 15-minute, six mini-man heats. However, it was different in that only one wave was scored and in order for that wave to count the kid had to claim it. Like hands up, fist pump, cowboy pistols style claim. The top-scoring surfer from each heat was put in the heat following the next and if the kid kept winning, the kid kept going. With clean 2-3 foot conditions on tap, the summer-stoked kids lit up the Huntington beachbreak. Jake Marshall won some heats, Hiroto Oohara did as well. Tails were thrown and double arm claims were flown.

New Smyrna's Daniel Glenn won the first heat of the day, and the third, the fifth, seventh, and ninth. 5 skins (what they call racked up heat wins). This tally held up through the entire day and Daniel Glenn took the crown. Five hundred bucks, what are you going to do with it? "It's going straight in the bank," laughs Glenn. "I'm super psyched to go to France. That was one of my goals at the beginning of the year and now I am going. I'm stoked." And you'd be stoked, too, if you were crowned King.