Surf: Waist-high at best, dropping to near-flat by the end of the day as gusty offshores increased with the passing of a cold front (which prompted organizers to put the contest on hold for over an hour). Then, once the tent was re-erected… that's when the rain really started coming down.

Events Held: All the finals: College, {{{Explorer}}}, Airshow, Open.

Nature's Call: If you think you got it bad for having to surf a heat in a little downpour, consider all those poor suckers running the Boston Marathon today, while that massive winter storm hammers the Northeast. Puts things in perspective a bit, doesn't it?

Predicted: In the next few years, the NSSA will give into pressure to form a new conference somewhere in the Mid-Atlantic to accommodate the growing numbers of competitors hailing from Virginia and the Carolinas. With a minimum ten-hour drive to and from each event, can you imagine the pocketbook drain on some of these families?

Performer Of The Day: At first glance, it would seem like New Smyrna Beach, FL, prodigy and former National champ Evan Geiselman would take this award — as he met and broke Eric Taylor's record eight East Coast titles this weekend after topping Jacksonville Beach, FL, neighbor Evan Thompson in Open Juniors and Explorer Boys. But honestly, it would've been a surprise had little Geiselman not won at least two divisions, as he's on another level, and everyone knows it. But fresh off of winning NSSA Southeast-North Conference titles in Open Men's and Explorer Juniors, number-one seed and current U.S.A. Team member Cody Thompson was undoubtedly the in-form surfer of the event. Unfortunately, computers were down, so no scores were available, but it was suspected that at least two of Cody's rides in his Explorer Juniors final had to be in the 8.0 range, one particular righthander of which he nailed at least four times, covering a distance of some {{{80}}} yards up the beach (keep in mind it was waist-high and very mushy). Cody held off local comeback story and former NSSA National Team member Josh Wilson's mature gaffs and Fernandina Beach, FL, flare-up Sean Poynter's frontside tuberide in Explorer Men's, too, sitting further north than the rest of the pack to crush the lefts with solid backhand combos, earning him that title, as well.

Heat Of The Day: The Open Men's final, while going down in the crappiest surf of the four-day event, featured the most diverse cast of Right Coast rippers — Inlet local Blake Jones (who also pocketed the $500 winner-take-all check in the NSSA Airshow final for a frontside alley-oop), Tarheel Fisher Heverly, Vah Beacher Philip Goold, and Jersey grom Rob Kelly. In the end, it was Kelly, who recently returned from a "Kamp KeenzO" training camp in Costa Rica with his mentor Matt Keenan (who actually won the Explorer Men's National Championship in 2000), evidence of a new, northward shift in NSSA competition. Other non-Floridians taking titles included South Carolina's Anthony Osment in College Men's (which helped lead the College of Charleston to the College Team title in their first appearance here). And New York wahine/ Puerto Rican frequenter Quincy Davis not only defended her {{{2006 Explorer}}} Girls title, but backed it up with a convincing win in Open Women's. Finally, the breakthrough surfer of the contest, South Carolinian Cam Richards, made good on upping his state's rep with two victories — in Open Boys and Explorer Menehune.

Shockers: While practically every surf forecasting site in existence predicted minimal surf for the duration of this event, somehow NSSA Executive Director Janice Aragon found herself staring at the best Sebastian Inlet setup conceivable on Opening Day — what regulars like Jeremy Saukel even called "the best First Peak I've seen in over four years." The pulse didn't last, and the waves soon dropped to a less-than-stellar waist-high for the remaining rounds, but who cares? For this one day, the infamous First Peak wedge showed its beautiful, mutated, hollow face — proving the Inlet righthander isn't dead, it's just been hiding.


1. Rob Kelly
2. Philip Goold
3. Blake Jones
4. Fisher Heverly

1. Quincy Davis
2. Amy Nicholl
3. Jassett Umbel
4. Keenan Lineback

1. Evan Geiselman
2. Evan Thompson
3. Nick Rupp
4. Cole Richards
5. Hector Santamaria
6. Kedren Ferrero

1. Cam Richards
2. Tristan Thompson
3. Noah Schweizer
4. Julian Payne
5. Corey Howell
6. Pat Schmidt

1. Tristan Thompson
2. Luke Marks
3. Justin Croteau
4. Jake Fairly
5. Logan Hayes
6. Weston Williams

1. Dylan Andrews
2. Michael Wood
3. Michael Agnew
4. Michael Ciaramella
5. Nick Gregory
6. Chelsea Gresham

1. Blake Jones, $500

1. Cody Thompson
2. Sean Poynter
3. Josh Wilson
4. Michael Dunphy
5. Ben Graeff
6. Sebastian Moreno

1. Cody Thompson
2. Evan Geiselman
3. Fisher Heverly
4. Oliver Kurtz
5. Nick Rupp
6. Ian Bloch

1. Evan Geiselman
2. Evan Thompson
3. Nick Rupp
4. Christian Miller
5. Hector Santamaria
6. Frank Roper

1. Cam Richards
2. Tanner Strohmenger
3. Julian Payne
4. Pat Nichols
5. Pat Schmidt
6. Josh Motes

1. Amy Nicholl
2. Quincy Davis
3. Savannah Bradley
4. Ariel Engstrom
5. Alexis Engstrom
6. Lauren McLean
1. Quincy Davis
2. Jassett Umbel
3. Keenan Lineback
4. Savannah Bradley
5. Kayla Durden
6. Hailey Watson
1. Josh Wilson
2. Jason Motes
3. Chilly Willy
4. Darlan Lopes
5. Lyn Meyers
6. Dan Conover

1. Dylan Andrews
2. Michael Wood
3. Steve Moldenhauer
4. William McCardell
5. Craig Gulam
6. Jason Motes

1. Sean Hayes
2. William McCardell
3. Kevin Moon
4. Rob Persan
5. Andrew Bloom
6. Tim Albury

1. Steve Moldenhauer
2. Jim Miller
3. Sean Hayes
4. Bill Miller
5. Kent Morris
6. Gary Magee

1. College of Charleston, SC
2. {{{Daytona}}}
3. UNF
4. UCF-A
5. UF
6. FAU
7. Florida State
8. UCF-B

1. Anthony Osment
2. John Lewis
3. Erich Hauck
4. Albert Singleton
5. David Rodman
6. Matt Dawson

1. Courtney Andren
2. Lauren McLean
3. Theresa Urban
4. Sarah Malone
5. Ann Mailhot
6. Amanda Mattair

1. Chad Doyle
2. Joe Pulido
3. Todd Kinsey
4. Dean Jackson
5. Brent Newell
6. Michael Paul Irvin