Reef premiere’s their film Cancer to Capricorn at the Newport Beach Film Festival

Ross Williams return to surf films is a triumphant one. And yes, he still throw more spray than anyone. PHOTO: Flindt

Two of the stars of Cancer to Capricorn (which will be included with your August issue of SURFING Magazine) Ross Williams and Mike Losness. PHOTO: Flindt

Popcorn pow-wow. Sean Moody, Ben Bourgeois, Ross and Losness pre-game before the movie premiered at the Lido Theater to a packed house. PHOTO: Flindt

Stephen Koehne manhandles some massive P-Pass in the film, here he tackles the Lido theater's large popcorn. PHOTO: Flindt

The film's director and editor Russel Brownley and his lovely date.

The Lido was spilling over. PHOTO: Jimmicane

It's nice to see Reef keeping it to their roots. PHOTO: Jimmicane

Two of Reef's own who forgot to coordinate on outfits. Ben Bourgeois and Heath "Nutty" Walker. PHOTO: Jimmicane