Repainting Pipeline: Duncan Macfarlane

Duncan Pipe Photo
A couple of beers lead Duncan Macfarlane to an after-hours showing of our lady Pipeline. Photo: Macfarlane

DUNCAN: This shot came following a barbecue the night before the Pipe Masters. The swell had been picking up all afternoon and by this time it was well and truly pounding in the darkness. As the evening was winding down I went outside and saw Tyler Warren, who I fully credit as being my muse for this shot, sitting on the bench outside drinking a beer by himself — like a werewolf in the bushes during a full moon. I joined him and we sat there for a little while. These were some of the biggest waves I'd seen firsthand, and with the anticipation of the ensuing Pipe contest I couldn't sit still. It got to be about midnight and I was thinking of going to bed and Tyler was like, "Why don't you shoot it?"

We grabbed a beer each and walked onto what dry sand was left and shot photos for about an hour of perfect, empty pipe. I had to shoot at f/1.8 and at ISO 3200 with a shutter of half a second to get a correctly exposed photo. I'd have to pan with the wave smoothly, and to get a clean lip-line it had to be a wave that didn't section. I had a heck of a lot of fun making this photo. It was the first swell I'd actually seen in Hawaii so there's a good memory behind this shot.