Say Something, Stand By It

Our culture has been overrun with an ironic hipster sensibility. Grown men wear fuzzy, colorful kitten T-shirts, grow funny moustaches and argue that Carly Rae Jepsen's "Call Me Maybe" is a work of cultural art. These same grown men believe none of it. They don't really like fuzzy, colorful kittens, funny moustaches or Carly Rae but they embrace the ridiculous precisely because it is ridiculous. It is ironic. And because it is ironic they don't have to take a real stand and they will never be wrong.

Well, shit. It is time for this whole mess to forever go away. Enough. It is time for us to believe again. To say what we mean. To stand by what we say. To have resolve. To make ourselves better. To be wrong. For it is only in being wrong that we risk actually being right. Yes, it is time to believe again, even if only for the sake of belief itself.

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