Rip Curl Cup 2011 is ON…I Think

Photos and words by Nathan Lawrence

The swell has already hit West Oz. It’s huge. Freezing. Windy. All the right components to turn on this almost impotent wave. A wave that hasn’t shown its true colors this year. But as I type this the wheels are already in motion. Rubber boats are being put in the water. Jet Skis are on standby. Photographers are cleaning their lenses and video dudes are charging their batteries. The words on the contest T-shirts read, “IT’S ON WHEN IT’S ON.” And boy do I hope it’s on. I dug up these photos to remind me what this wave can do. How good it can be surfed. It’s been a while so I kinda forgot. I almost wanted to skip town and head to another island to score a long left with 100 other people out. But after looking at these images I’m a believer again. It’s the final hours of the countdown. Only six hours until daylight here in Bali and we will know for sure whether IT’S ON…

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