RVCA VASF: “Family Tree” Opening Party

The most anticipated and exciting project to be introduced to the RVCA program in 2007 is RVCA Retail. In September of this year, RVCA conducted a soft launch of VASF – a 4,312sq foot location in San Francisco situated on the iconic corner of Haight and Ashbury. VASF is the first of a number of RVCA retail flagships around the globe (with stores already in the works for Los Angeles, NYC, Tokyo and Sydney).Launching the gallery to the public, VASF held the grand opening party at the beginning of this month: "Family Tree" – an exhibition with the likes of R.Pimple, Phil Frost, Pushead and Craig Stecyk. Here are the pics. Check out more at RVCAclothing.com or swing by and check it out for yourself.

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