Sacred Craft 2008

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Editor's Note: Now in its second year, the Sacred Craft Consumer Surfboards {{{Expo}}} has come as a blessing to boardmakers everywhere. Despite the horrific economy, despite the popouts and overseas production and shrinking margins, Sacred Craft – held this past weekend at Del Mar Fairgrounds – reminds everyone that surfing's equipment is so much more than skin and core – it's a work of art. Dozens of shapers put their works on display at the two-day event, making it feel like a trade show, but without all the plastic. There were two see-through shaping booths, where guys like Chris Christenson made Bill Caster/Chris O'Rourke replicas in front of an admiring crowd. Shaping seminars, where guys like Tom Wegener explained the alaia phenomenon and why everyone should go out and try one. And thousands of spectators on hand not to check out the g-strings or parties or bikini models – they were there to check the surfboards. To hold them, run their hands down the rails, and dream. If you're ever worried about the art of shaping, go to Sacred Craft and you'll leave feeling much better about things. To give you an idea of how the show looked, SURFING's Steve Sherman put in a few hours along with his son, assistant and up-and-coming photographer, Taj. This is the day through Taj's eyes.