The Bal Sak Blow Out


Summertime in San Clemente. There sure are worse places to be stuck.

A few of the East Coast families have been renting a house for the US Champs and NSSA Nationals. That house is right near the beach and has become the hangout base camp for pretty much everyone.

Yesterday, Balaram Stack promoted an impromptu expression session using Twitter (@hair_piece). $10 buy in, qualifying heats lead to a best air final, winner takes all.

Within an hour of Bal creating the comp, Slater announced he was in. Unfortunately the waves resembled "bad Florida" and Kelly backed out last minute. Not likely you'll see KS voluntarily compete in crappy waves these days. Memories of 2006, Alberga vs. Slater in Cocoa Beach, are still rumored to haunt the champ. The last thing he wants is an 0-1 record against Balaram when they will likely surf against each other in the Quiksilver Pro New York come September.

The first ever Bal Sak Blow Out would continue though! The regular-footers went out for the first qualifying heat and struggled mightily in the deteriorating conditions. The goofy-footers fared a little better on the south swell left sections and stuck a few nice punts.

For the start of the 30-minute final, sets pulsed. Ian Crane and Oliver Kurtz had some near pulls that would've surely won but both came unglued last second or got caught whitewater rafting. Bal himself ended up winning with a solid frontside grab air reverse and pocketed the $138 purse (someone didn't have the full entry fee so they paid $8).

Make up your own contest, take everyone's money and then use it to buy cold beverages for the after-party/BBQ? Not a bad way to spend a summer afternoon. —Jimmicane