Sessions 73 Gallery

Acclaimed surf photographer Dustin Humphrey is staring around the room in disbelief. At his own images, so elegantly displayed on the walls of his very own gallery. At the people assembled, an international mix of surfing greats and local talents. At the location of his new gallery, right in the heart of Bali's cultural hub. "If you'd told me ten years ago as I was walking down this street on my first trip to Bali that I'd have my own gallery here, I never would have believed you," Humphrey beamed at the opening night event. "I just couldn't be more excited about this. It's humbling, really."

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Humphrey's new Sessions 73 Gallery, perched high atop the Billabong Legian store in the very heart of Bali is a work of art in itself -- with floor-to-ceiling windows gazing down on the moving and historic memorial to the 2001 Bali Bombing and located right around the corner from some of Kuta's hippest restaurants and clubs. But the large, black and white prints that adorn its high, whitewashed walls are what's most moving about the sight. Humphrey has spent the last ten years of his life documenting all aspects of the surfing experience in Indonesian -- from its epic waves to its vibrant culture -- and his passion for the subject is apparent the moment you step into the gallery. This first exhibit represents part of a collection titled, "Archipelago Love: A Surfer's {{{Journey}}} Through Indonesia," an on-going project Humphrey will eventually assemble in book form.

"D.Hump has a way of not only shooting surf, but also capturing feelings and moments that go with it," said Rob Machado, who was on hand for the opening night. "I was blown away by the gallery; just its position overlooking the whole scene in Kuta was amazing. This was a great night."

Other surf stars on-hand for the opening festivities included Nathan Webster, Marlon Gerber and Rizal Tanjung, who, along with other local and international artists, musicians and designers, were excited to share in this new incarnation of Humphrey's art.

"The opening had the perfect crowd," said Bali surfer Rizal Tanjung. "A great mix of locals, ex-pats, traveling pros and artists, all in one room. It's a real testament to the local scene and to the gallery itself. I imagine it will be quite an attraction around here."

Dustin himself was overwhelmed with the attendance and support for the opening, not to mention the industry's on-going recognition of his body of work. Based in Bali with his Indonesian wife Mira and new son, Kelana, Dustin (PHOTO: D.HUMP) has been documenting surf and the surfing lifestyle for over a decade now, and this region and subject matter is not just close to his heart, it's his life. To see it so prominently displayed, he can barely believe it. Believe it, Dustin. And congratulations.

[The Opening of Sessions 73 Photography Gallery featuring "Archipelago Love: A Surfer's Journey Through Indonesia" was presented by Nixon and hosted by Billabong. Make sure you stop by the gallery above the Billabong store next time you're in Bali.]