Sherm Moments: Andy Reads the News

Sherm Moments: Andy Reads the News. Photo: Sherm

Sherm Moments

SHERM: This is Andy Irons in 2003. We're on the North Shore, and as you can see they found Saddam Hussein. So I had Andy, the world champ, pose reading the news. And the thing that I loved about Andy is that he never denied me when shooting a concept. Like I'd be all, "Hey, I got this idea for a photo..." And he'd be all, "Yeah! That's so sick!" And this is one of my favorite moments because it defines a point in time. Like all that was being talked about at the time was, "They got him." As in, they found Sadaam Hussein.

My last phone conversation with Andy was last year. And he told me, "Sherm, you always make me look so good." And I'm very proud of that. And...[pause] I get a little teared up whenever I talk about him. I get emotional, but it's true; I always wanted him to look good, because I always wanted him to look...a little bigger than life. But he was already bigger than life before I even met him. But... I gave him a little more of a rock 'n roll image. A little more rebellious. And I'm always grateful for that last conversation we had when he told me that. And I told him back, "Yeah. You make me look good too."