Mark Healey. Photo: Sherm


Sherm Moments

This is Mark Healey in December of '98 and I was on assignment for Surfer Magazine. I went there and I wanted to do something on all the young Hawaiians and Justin Cote introduced me to Mark. He's the man he knows everyone. So I meet Mark and we hit it off and he introduced me to all the young Hawaiian kids. I did a series of portraits on all these guys and he was my conduit. He was the guy, and to this day Mark's a good friend of mine. In Hawaii, he kind of started my thing. This is shot with a medium format. And look how young he is! He is the greatest waterman in the world. Every time I see him I wish I could do him proud by catching a huge wave in front of him 'cause he's one of those guys, you know, you're like, "Yeah he's my friend, but I wish I could impress him." Very hard to impress Mark Healey probably, but socially we're really good friends. I probably impress him socially. I saw him last December and he said, "Sherm you look the same as when I met you in '98."