Sherm Moments: Bruce Cheering for Andy

Sherm Moments: Bruce cheering for Andy. Little brother cheers Andy to his third World Title at Sunset

Sherm Moments

Sherm: OK, OK — this shot I love. This was when Andy was gonna win, I believe his third World Title at Sunset. So about 2003 or 2004. Andy had pretty much sealed it up with his winning wave, and look at Bruce — clapping him on! And this is when I just went, "Wow, Bruce is so excited about his brother winning." And look at the hands, and some of the Kauai boys around him. This is just one of those photojournalism moments that I'm just super proud of. And look, that could be — yeah that is — that's Sion, with his arm in front of his face. But that's brotherly love right there, Bruce was very happy for his brother at that point, and it was coming across, just cheering. I mean, I was just blown away when I saw him cheering because they've always been very, very…you know the media would play up their sibling rivalry. But this was just love. You could see it in his face, the veins popping, just pure excitement.