Sherm Moments: Lil’ Dane

Sherm Moments: Lil' Dane [audio:|autostart=yes|titles=Sherm Moments: Lil' Dane]


Sherm Moments

This is a young Dane Reynolds in his bathroom at his mom's house, I think in '99. I went to a C.I. (Channel Islands) shoot for C.I. surfboards and we wanted to shoot him with all his boards. So we threw all his boards in his bathroom and had him brush his teeth. No one has photos of Dane this young, you know. I love the Reef sponsor. To this day Dane trips out on me and says, "You are so weird, Sherm. You have plastic cameras and you do weird shit." But now he gets it. Dane is one of my favorite surfers. There is no one like Dane and I love hanging with him. But as a surfer, he moves me.