Sherm Moments: Lovely Lisa

Lisa Andersen. Photo: Sherm [audio:|autostart=yes|titles=Sherm Moments: Lovely Lisa]


Sherm Moments

This is Lisa Andersen in August of '97 in Hossegor. I'm on my honeymoon and also covering France for SURFING Magazine and Lisa has just broken up with Tom Servais. So me and my wife are hanging out with Lisa and talking to her and she's all, "I just broke up with Tom blah blah blah." So I said, "Why don't you come to our house and hang out and we'll make dinner? I want to do some photos." So she comes over to the house and, you know, I feed her some wine, and I'm drinking beers and then I go, "I've got this idea for a Marilyn Monroe thing." And she's all, "OK." So she just went for it. When they saw this photo all my friends were all, 'That was rad! What happened with Lisa?" But it was like, my wife was making dinner literally right next to us. To me it was really beautiful. It was beautiful light and she looked beautiful and to this day this is an iconic photograph of her. I'm very proud of this one and I'm a big fan of Lisa. I think she's a little embarrassed by [the photo] these days, but I still think she looks great.