Sherm Moments: Much Respect. Photo: Sherm

Sherm Moments

SHERM: This is Kala Alexander, shot at Herbie Fletcher's doorstep, behind SURFING magazine in 2005. He came into the magazine, Evan [Slater] introduced us, but I'd kinda known him from before. So we did this portrait. And the thing that I like about Kala — and a lot of people don't know about him — is how articulate and intelligent and really, just polite Kala is. I mean, these guys were raised really well. So polite, if you know him. And the thing I really like about Kala is that he calls me Steve. No other surfers or professional surfers ever call me Steve. Always Sherm. But Kala, he calls me Steve. But it's cool. And I love this photograph; it's cross-processed. And it's cool to be down with someone like that — the hard crew. I have a lot of respect for him, he's an incredible surfer and him and his brother are good guys. I consider him a friend.