Sherm Moments: Occy Being Frank

Sherm Moments: Occy Being Frank [audio:|autostart=yes|titles=Sherm Moments: Occy Being Frank]


Sherm Moments

This image is of Occy around '99 when he won his world title. And this is in Honolulu at the ASP banquet and he's giving a speech thanking everyone. He was giving out props to all the legends and all the people who influenced him and he mentioned all the world champs. The funny thing is he goes, "And Peter Townend: he's a legend — he's not my cup of tea and he's not one of my favorite surfers — but props to him." That's what he's saying at that exact moment and I thought that was the funniest thing. 'Cause how can you give props to someone and then bring them down? [laughs] You know only Occy can do that.