Sherm Moments: The Contender

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Sherm Moments

This is Shane Beschen at Sunset Beach. I believe it's 2004. He had just had a heat, he had scored a 10 — at Sunset — got a perfect barrel, couldn't get another wave. That's him getting knocked out and off the Tour. He came in the parking lot, and that was him — it was just emotional. This is one of my photojournalism moments I'm really proud of. I shot it with a Hasselblad, and it just shows the emotion, I mean for him, this was everything in the world. And this is the ending of it — for Beschen's era. I mean, he had a great run, you know? He was, f—k, a world title contender, gave Kelly a run, here and there. He's Neck-beard, man. [laughs] That's Neck-beard. I'm really proud of that moment. And that looks like his brother — Alien — in the background. Rocky Point tube master [laughs].