Sherm Moments: Young Dorian

Shane Dorian. Photo: Sherm

Sherm Moments

SHERM: So this is Shane Dorian around 1993. He's at Taylor Steele's mom and dad's house in Solana Beach. And Taylor called me up and was all, "Shane's over here, have you ever met Shane Dorian?" And I hadn't, but I knew who he was, so I went over, met him right quick and shot some poses with him. These guys would all come and stay at Taylor's mom's house right above Seaside, and they would surf Seaside, and I'd kinda always see 'em in the water, but that was kind of my opening to getting to know the Momentum generation. This is one of the first portraits I ever shot of these guys, and it opened the door to me working with them. But then Shane just got hardcore and now he's one of the greatest watermen of all time. Now I worry about him. [Laughs]