Sounds Good Skull Candy Giveaway

Need some new headphones? Well thanks to Skull Candy and our Sounds page, now you can get your ears into some. Check out some of our favorite bands this past year, shot by our very own Peter Taras and then see how you can win one of three sets of headphones from Skull Candy, just for writing in an e-mail (and answering two questions correctly) to us at

Cursive: Some might call them emo or something. But that term's dead to us. Their new record Mama , I'm Swollen was released this year and we were pleasantly surprised.

Delta Spirit at the Casbah in San Diego.

Delta Spirit again inside the padded walls of the Cashbah

Earthless: If you're looking for mind-altering metal. Find their record: Live at Roadburn. Our art director Chato swears by it.

The Japanese Motors: Front man Alex Knost performs onstage at the Flying Elephant in Carlsbad.

Matt Costa: After shattering his leg skating stairs. Matt picked up a guitar. As you can see that's going pretty well for him. Serenading the Casbah.

The mattson 2: Well this is one of them at least.

The Mattson 2: Oh there's the other brother. Jazzy skaters making good jazz.

Russian Circles: This Chicago band just released their third album, Geneva. If you've never listened, go get it. I'm listening to it now and my life feels much more dramatic.

The Drowning Men: This band had Jordy Smith spilling cocktail all over the dance floor at the premiere for Stranger Than Fiction last year.

The Dutchness and the Duke: Dane approved. Their new record came out this week. It's called Sunset/Sunrise. Or Irie Evening Sesh/Dawn Patrol in surf lingo.

The Entrance Band: A sneak peak at next month's Sounds band from Chicago.

The Fresh and ONlys: Another epic bar band.

White Denim outside the Casbah in San Diego.

The first three correct answers to the following questions will receive 3 sets of headphones from Skull Candy. One pair of over-ear, one pair of on-ear and one pair of in-ear. You know for all the degrees of rocking.<br /><br />1. What band plays the song for Dane Reynolds part in Stranger than Fiction?<br /><br />2. What band plays the song for JOrdy Smith's part in Stranger Than Fiction?<br /><br />