Spinning At The Speed Of Now World Premiere

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They warned of a tsunami.

But nobody seemed to mind. The potential tsunami was forecasted to wash in sometime during the middle of the night and everybody just sort of figured that if it were serious, somebody with a megaphone and/or a fireman hat would show up and urge us all to seek higher ground immediately. So we ignored the tsunami warning. And focused on the film.

A crowd — featuring everybody from the 11-year-old that sprayed you at T-Street (any San Clemente grom ever) to the fully-grown and hulking man that sprayed you at Uppers (Neco Padaratz) — showed up and we hit play. Scenes of Filipe and friends blazed across a Jumbotron screen, music played and people cheered. It was a beautiful night.

If you weren’t there but live in the area, you can make your way to the premiere on Monday in Encinitas, or on Tuesday in Newport. And if you’re not around, SATSON will be available for purchase online next month.