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“This is a Mark Occhilupo retrospective of photos I’ve shot of him over the last 15 years. Occy’s absolutely one of my favorite surfers in the whole world. I was just totally in awe of him…he’s one of my favorites.” – Steve Sherman, Surfing Magazine Photo Editor

Editor’s Note: This morning, in heat four, Round Three of the Billabong Pipeline Masters, Mark Occhilupo surfed his last official heat as an ASP World Tour surfer. He got the chair from a scrum of his mates, of course, and emotions were on high knowing the “Raging Bull” would no longer be a fixture on the Dream Tour. But the 1999 world champion’s legacy will forever be etched in the history books: the best backside in the history of the sport, a style that’s spawned a million clones and a personality that can only be described as classic. In honor of Oc, here’s a Steve Sherman Retrospective on one of the most storied careers in surfing.