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"In the past six month the standard of surfing has jumped way up." Taylor Steele's films have been defining the cutting edge of performance surfing nearly two decades now, so when he makes a statement like that you can be sure he knows what he's talking about. Maybe it was the emergence of a new generation, with guys like Yadin Nicol, Julian Wilson and Jordy Smith smashing their way into Steele's viewfinder. Maybe it was the Momentum Generation's competitive drive to keep up with the kids, as classic icons like Rob Machado, Benji Weatherley and Kalani Robb took their patented styles to a whole new level. Maybe it was simply time for a breakthrough. Whatever the case, seems like every top surfer in the world booked a flight to Bali this spring to make sure their section in Taylor's upcoming Stranger Than Fiction was up to par. Everyone from Parko to Taj to Andy to Jordy to Julian to {{{CJ}}} to Parko to… well, just about everyone, came to Bali to raise the bar. And they did not disappoint. SURFING lensman Dustin Humphrey — who often partners with Steele on film projects — tagged along to cover the action, and the results were remarkable. "To be honest," says Humphrey, "it was a bit overwhelming having that much talent around at one time. Intensity was high because everybody was really pushing it to the next level and beyond. I feel honored to have gotten to document that time." You'll have to wait for the mag to see the full package, but for now, here are a few Stranger Than out-takes to warm you up.[Taylor Steele's Stranger Than Fiction will be in stores this July. Stay tuned to for a chance to win tickets to the premiere.]