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The rumors started swirling a couple of weeks ago. Kelly's gonna be there! Jordy's got the last segment. No way, Dane does! What wasn't rumor, though, was if Taylor Steele's latest big-buck film project, Stranger Than Fiction and the official Poor Specimen/SURFING Mag release party, would deliver.

THE PREMIEREReally, it was a perfect day to debut the ultra-publicized surf flick. International Surfing Day dawned in Southern California with proper bronzing conditions, solid south swell and hundreds of volunteers working the coast, rallying together to cleanse our beaches one piece of trash at a time. From the beaches, an elite group of surf world schmoozers hit the red carpet, appropriately rolled out at the renowned La Paloma Theater in Encinitas, California. And yes, Mr. Slater emerged from the shadows. And Jordy. And {{{CJ}}}. And an eyeful of other STF superstars, ranging from Losness, Kalani Robb to Dusty Payne.

Mingling with the boys, of course, were {{{300}}} hundred rowdy Golden Ticket holders packed in the theatre, frothing to get on with the show. In what was a drastic shifting of gears from Taylor's last intensely soulful venture, Sipping Jetstreams, STF unveiled an hour-plus ode to the legendary filmmaker's surf industry spoof projects, Campaign 1 and 2. From Dion Agius to Shane Dorian to Julian Wilson, precisely edited made-for-TV aerials and mind-twisting boardwork dominated the big screen from the first new-age punk track to the last.

And what about Kelly, you're wondering? Well, he made it to the show, but not in the show. A glaring omission of Kelly Slater from any surf video is astonishing, but from a Taylor Steele movie? That's just silly. We figure it's just another Slater stunt that Taylor's in on, and the final release will reveal yet another world-changing segment by surfing's very own superman.

So, without the enigmatic Mr. Slater, who stole the coveted last segment? Could be Jordy. Could be Dane. Could be Andy or Parko. Choose one and go see for yourself.

THE PARTYSure, a few sips of booze went down under the cover of darkness during the premiere, but for the most part, the entourage waited to get their drink on down the street, at Beachside Bar & Grille, home of the premiere party. Heavy mingling between the pros, bros and endless lovely ladies ensued to the wee hours, as underground Indie upstarts, the Drowning Men, kept the pulse alive and the complimentary beverages flowing.

Honestly, it isn't every day that you can get bronzed, hit a lip, clean up a beach, preview the sickest surf flick of the summer, and finish things off by standing in line for the pisser with one of your heroes. So, when the amps went quiet and the taps ran dry, it wasn't too surprising to still see smiles all around. Cheers to another Taylor Steele blockbuster and an even better party. Kelly Slater or not, we're already looking forward to the next show.