At any given moment somewhere in the world is going off. How do we know this? Because we see it. In one week here at SURFING Magazine we see more barrels than an entire season on the North Shore (or at least this years season). With SURFING’s photogs spread across the globe, it’s rare that a “super session” will go down without one of them there to capture the moment. It’s not easy watching our 17″ monitors going off day after day and knowing that our local breaks, in an entire year, will never see as many good days as our inboxes see in one week. What makes it even worse, given the limited amount of space in our monthly print, most of these photos will never see the light of day. Given this dilemma, our photo staff has decided to dip into our photo mine and pull out a few gems so you too can know where is going off every week. This is SURFING’s week in photos. Check back each week for a batch of fresh new images.