Sweden Goes Off! (Sort Of)

A surf photographer? Living in Sweden? It’s amazing what love can do.And when SURFING staffer Jeff Flindt’s beautiful wife Caroline (aSwedish native) proposed they moved back to her homeland for a spell, hedevotedly obliged. It’s been a couple winters now in the cold,northeastern reaches of Europe. And while he’s enjoying the futuristicyoga studios and public transportation, he hasn’t exactly found the nextPipeline (or even Monster Mush). Flindt has, however, met a small groupof Swedish crazies who are nuts about surfing. Whenever the winds ripdown the Gulf of Bothnia, they get decent windswell in the chest to headhigh range. This session went down this past weekend, and since Flindtwas in town prepping for his next big global adventure, he pulled outhis camera and fired away. As Flindt said, “It was cool to hang withthese guys and document their ‘stoke.’ They were pretty happy to gooutside and get in the water.” Here’s a few highlights from a Swedishsurf session.

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