It’s rare that Greg and Rusty Long have to look beyond the Pacific during the months from November to March. Since they’re driven to ride the biggest possible surf spot every time the wind blows in the Gulf of Alaska, they’re usually more than satisfied confining their search to Hawaii, Mexico, California and Oregon. But in this topsy-turvy 06/07 winter, when big-wave dudes are resorting to BASE jumping just to get their fix, the Longs decided it was time to cross the pond. Seeing a massive blob headed for Europe and North Africa in late February, Greg, Rusty, tireless photographer Jason Murray and San Clemente up-and-comer Dane Ward headed to Morocco with hopes of triple-overhead pointbreak surf. And at a rare, Moroccan point somewhere between Agadir and Casablanca, they found just that. Fifteen-second tubes. Endless walls. And just a few keen European pros, the Gudauskas brothers and a handful of locals to share it with. Greg and Rusty claim it’s way better than the best day at that similar-looking famous point in Northern {{{Baja}}} and returned with the glazed looks of surfers who just spent 10 days in the tube. Which goes to prove: a bad winter here usually means it’s pumping somewhere else.

[Check an upcoming issue of SURFING Magazine for more images from the best pointbreak in the Atlantic.]

Dedicated to the memory of Tucker Murray – 1943-2007
“Keep making your own rain”