The 2016 SURFING Magazine Swimsuit Issue is here, so of course we had a party.

On Wednesday night at Santa Monica's The Bungalow, this years gorgeous cast of models — Anna Herrin, Juliana Herz, Kara del Toro and Scarlett Leithold — mingled with friends and industry friends and others who want to be their friends, in celebration of this years edition. The Bungalow's walls were adorned with the adorable features of the eight beautiful women featured in the issue. A 15-minute highlight reel looped above the open bar.

Wait, eight? Who are the other four? Well, for the second year in a row, SWIM isn't just about the models. A portion of of this year's issue features a few of the most talented female surfers in the world today — Tia Blanco, Nikki van Dijk, Malia Manuel and Coco Ho. And while Tia was in attendance at the Bungalow, the other three are currently over in Australia, competing in the CT event at Bells Beach. And with the way she's been surfing, Tia will be joining them down under very soon.

Above is a gallery of Dave Clancy’s photos from the night. For more, pick up the issue — it's making newsstands look pretty right now. And stay tuned to our website, edits from the issue will start dropping today.