Team Super Hits Oz

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We went to Oz. Recently we went to Oz and got boss. We had fun surfing the famed SUPERbank, but we were especially keen when blasting at our own little stash of mysto beachbreaks we found. Down the coast from SUPERbank stretch endless empty beaches of squeaky soft golden sand. These beachbreaks are swell magnets. When the points are flat, these beaches are a treasure trove of hollow, rampy peaks with no fools out. And that means it's open season for you and your set to show up and bro up. Seriously, you could post on any stretch of this coast for weeks if you wanted to, and no lifeguards or cops would tell you to split. Which means you can show up with a ghetto blaster and 40s, if you want to, and get completely surf mental. Naturally, we hit up these beachies for days on end. Now here are some pictures we took to document our sweet adventure.