Ten Photos: Gold Coast

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And we're back. The ASP Banquet. Running on the first day of the waiting period. Drama (Alejo and Logie's priority mix up, Wilko's underscore, cancelled events -- is Fiji going the way of J-Bay?). We're beginning the 2012 World Tour season with all of the excitement that keeps us enthused and nervous about competitive surfing, and it all happened so fast that the SURFING staff grinding on the Goldy hardly had a chance to digest it. Plus, there are all these parties. But with a couple of anticipated lay days we're getting a chance to sift through our filled memory cards and notepads in preparation for a comprehensive flipbook on the event, coming to your favorite website a week or so after the final horn toots. It will be worth the wait. We're getting gold from multiple angles. Till then, take these ten photos from staff photographers Steve Sherman and Corey Wilson as appetizers. The steak will be out shortly. --Taylor Paul