The Hope

It was controversial. It was full of claims. And well, it was kind of awesome. In a dreary , quiet land, Adriano de Souza brought some fire to the tour today. Whether it was the close call against Kelly in the Semis, r the fact that he actually carries a little bit of excitement to the tour today. And it looks like, going into Hawaii there is a Brazilian who has a shot at winning the World Title.

Bobby Martinez living on a prayer in Mundaka. A place he's been very successful in the past.

Joel looks to his girl for some support. IF he wants this title, he's going to have to pick it up at Pipe.

Mick Fanning snaps his fingers at missing the chance to distance himself from Parko.

Kelly Slater is loved in Mundaka.

This is not a QS. Mundaka feeling a little under the weather for the final day.

Kelly eyes the focused Adriano before they clashed in the Semis.

He then copied his pre-heat regimen. Kelly: the master of the psyche out.

Chris Davidson has come full circle. From The Search to the finals in a world tour events. Congrats to Davo on the sick run.

Kelly and Adriano both love springsuits. Like a lot.

Congratulations to Adriano De Souza on his first ASP World Tour win.

Genuine emotion on an ASP stage.

Brazil's world title contender.