The Moment

You're Number 1, Mick. Rabbit congratulates the champ in his youthful style.

Kell showed up to unveil another Deep Six model. He's still looking stong heading into the Quarters.

Nervous anticipation? Joel Parkinson prepares for what ultimately was his final heat of the year.

Mick relaxes on the beach after his Round 3 victory with his Mum. Just like the good old grommet days on the Gold Coast.

Stretching it out on the beach in the dying moments of Parko's heat.

The definition of class. Even though Joel had just lost his best chance at a world title, he was the first person on the beach to congratulate Mick, and chaired him up the beach with Dean Morrison.

Title number two firmly in hand, Mick celebrates.

Occy and SURFING's Nick Carroll congratulate Mick as Parko and Dingo chair him up the beach.

Kelly congratulates Mick.

This flag has been all around the world to celebrate with Mick on his many victories.

Mum and child reunited to celebrate.

Mick gives his wife Karissa a little celebratory kiss on the way back to the Rip Curl house.

Kisses for his Mum, kisses for his wife, and finally a well-deserved make-out session with the hardware.