The Yakutat Expedition: Part 3

Exploring the Icy WavesThe best part aside from surfing about an Alaska surf trip are the daily natural distractions experienced when the surf isn't cooperating. In the span of one day, we came across a large group of Grizzly bears at the local dump, saw dozens of bald eagles and hiked to an amazing estuary laden with rogue glacier islands. Alaska is hands down one of the most beautiful locales in the world.After days of beach clean ups, group bonding time and tinkering around town, Yakutat finally provided us with 2 days of fun surf. With the help of our good mates Sam and Joey as well as the Icy Waves surf shop, we were always on the pulse of the optimum time for swell location and tides. We found our surfing refuge at the end of a long and bumpy dirt road. Once the swell hit and the storms passed we were pleased to score head-high, glassy cross wedges with not a surfer in sight. Everyone in our group had a chance to surf and our trip ended with surf-stoked grins for all.Big thanks to the Alaskan brewing team for taking care of us all like family and creating such wonderful brews. Also, big thanks to our local buds Joey and Sammy for sharing your culture, land and waves with a bunch of skinny jean wearing Californianites.[Special thanks to Alaskan Brewing Company and for making this trip possible]