When Subtropical {{{Storm}}} Andrea intensified off of the Mid-Atlantic coast last week, she shifted the bulk of her weight toward South Florida. In fact, Staff photog DJ Struntz described Palm Beach breaks on Tuesday as a “legitimate 15-foot.” But, unfortunatley, it was also unrideable in a lot of places. While they had boats and Skis at their disposal, a car proved most useful as they drove around checking spots, eventually settling on South Beach with the rest of the free world for Tuesday, then scored all-time Sebastian the following day. “It was a typical pumped up Florida swell,” says Alek Parker. “Lots of driving trying to find the spot where it wasn’t too big and out-of-control and wasn’t too small either. I don’t think that spot was ever discovered, but our plan was to spend Wednesday at Sebastian the whole time, so things worked out like we hoped. In fact, both days were insane.”