Trilogy Goes To Vegas

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50-Cent tells is straight. "Whole lotta white bitches 'bout to get electrificated," he says, as a hundred or so bikini-clad fun-bunnies clamber for the pool-side stage as money falls from the sky at the La Vegas Hard Rock Hotel, nearly toppling the whole structure down into the water.

Fluttering money. Mostly naked chicks. Gangsta rap. It's awesome.

And while Fiddy -- still tossing handfuls of fake $50s into the crowd -- keeps telling everyone that water and electricity don't mix, Taylor Steele and Billabong are trying to prove just the opposite. Following a off-the-hook, capacity crowd premier of their triple-profile, super-collaboration film, Trilogy, at San Diego's Copley Symphony Hall on Friday night, Billabong one-upped itself by flying to the whole crew out to the neon garden of Sin City for a ghetto-fabulous second feature. Starting with a full afternoon of grinched-out wakeboarding railslide demos, industry bros and ghetto ho's joined forces for an {{{Entourage}}}-flavored showing of Taylor Steele's latest ode to high-performance surfing on a half-dozen poolside screens and every hotel room of the Hard Rock Vegas. As {{{100}}}-degree sun set, soundtrack stars Angels and Airwaves lit up the stage with a loose, good-timey set of pop-rock radio candy, followed by Mr. Cent's stage busting, money-tossing, booty-beckoning gangsta throw-down.

Madness. Beautiful, Vegas, half-naked, all-drunken madness.

Linkin Park was playing next door. Kanye West was hosting an after party. Carrot Top was at the craps table. Paulie Shore was back in the champagne room. And for once in their cursed lives, the Hard Rock blackjack dealers didn't make out like the bandits they are as Taylor, Trilogy editor Matt Beauchesne and SURFING publisher Ross Garret all left the tables richer than they arrived (whether that money made it home with them is another story -- as the saying goes, "whatever money you make in Vegas, stays in Vegas." Right?)

And while TB, AI and JP couldn't attend the glorious debauchery due to the start of the Foster's ASP World Tour; while countless industry bros were stuck back at San Diego's ASR retail show shaking hands and kissing asses; while blazing-hot Vegas is about as far from any waves as an adopted "surf town" can get; Trilogy premier 2.0 was a positively charged electrifying experience.

So, at the risk of starting a turf war with 50-Cent's plus-sized posse, we're backing Billabong and Mr. Steele on this one:

Water and electricity are fun. Get some.

[Special thanks to the Billabong crew for the poolside hot wings and chicken tenders up at Cabana 37.]