True To This: World Premiere

All Photos: Peter Taras
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Before Saturday, there hadn't been any rain in California for a couple months. Before Saturday, there also hadn't been a surf movie from Volcom since 2009's BS! And before Saturday, there hadn't been a movie blending snow, skate and surf together into one rad motion pic since Volcom originally did it back in 1993 with Alive We Ride. It was only fitting that the heavens opened on Saturday, and all of these respective droughts were quenched.

But with these torrential rains, there was a question if the True To This World Premiere in Costa Mesa, California would be too soggy for the masses. Would the same crowd still show? Well, 5,000 people showed up, so there goes that theory.

Yes, Volcom Headquarters, an action sports version of Willy Wonka's Chocolate Factory opened their doors, skatepark, tents, offices, kegs and food trucks to the public, the public being anyone from ramp-sliding mini-grom to pro-snowboarder to swooning groupie to industry fat cat to skate rat to metal head to psychotic big-wave teamster. All watched and collectively ooooed and yewwwed at the various screens showing the fantastic True To This film. And when all was said and done, it was a great Saturday. —Beau Flemister-Moorman