We Had A Swimsuit Launch Party

Kristen Thuve and Justine Cuenco

Surfing Magazine interns Brittanny Tran, Justine Cuenco, and Katie Peterson.

And epic bartending.


Ryan Fox and Cody Mindling

Lisa Schlaeger, Debbie Martin

Brittanny, Amy Pacheco and Cheyenne Arnold.

Janie Oneal and Ashley Coleman

Kirsten Triemstra and Nicole Hanriot, designer of TAVIK swimwear

Dori Dutton, Lynsey Mccarthy, Steve Park, Richard Graham, Rosalee Graham

Kim Shinner and Allison Perez of Billabong girls. The party helped raise money for Kim, who's battling breast cancer.

Scotty Hammonds and Jimmicane.

Scott Kendall and girlfriend Annie.

Nicole, Rochelle, Natasha, Susan

Jamie Moore, Janel Mcarthur

Pat Towersey of RVCA, Oleema Miller, designer of Mikoh swimswear, and Tony Perez, publisher of SURFING.

Kyla, Jennifer, Stacy, Nicole (The ladies of TAVIK)

Jeff, Page, Gretchen, Darren

Jye Townsend, Dustin Odbert, Dylan Odbert, Mike Vavak

SURFING's new online weapon Jason Miller and editor Travis Ferré

Stylist Conor Graham with models Tayler and Emily

Tayler and Emily

Dane Ward, Sly Dog

Tayler, Dawn and Emily.

Tayler and Emily

The A was packed.

Full House.

Brittanny, Scott and Katie.

Caroline Ward, Gary Ward, Tony


Better model than barkeep.

Hurley's Brandon Guilmette, SURFING's Scott Chenoweth and Travis Ferré

Caroline Ward, Gary Ward, Candy Harris, Enich Harris, Sophie St-Omge

Kirsten and Dawn Triemstra. Dawn is the brains behind our swimsuit issue.


Tayler and Emily

Mark Miserocchi, Ally Miserocchi

Erik Polsen, Stacy Kaszon, Jye Townsend

They served Mount Gay Rum in three varieties. Models showed up. We raised a boatload of money for Kim Shinner of Billabong Girls, who was recently diagnosed with that stupid breast cancer. And all in attendance had an amazing time. Special thanks to everyone who came out for the cause (you're all quite pretty) and everyone on the staff at A Restaurant (you're all also very pretty). We'll be back more often than you may like. OK, now look at the pictures.

Tayler and Emily

SURFING's Matt Skenazy, Hurley's Brandon Guilmette, Amy Pacheco and Creatures of Leisure's Brent Locken.

Tayler and Emily

Jody, Erica, Karin