What The ‘Cane Saw: 2013 Rip Curl Pro Puerto Rico

The freesurfing scene around the 2013 Rip Curl Pro Puerto Rico was an ornament of synchronized chaos. With 144 eager surfers in the event and less than stellar conditions in the Atlantic, the mob was met with the task of decoding a great blue-water puzzle. And so an entire fleet of rental cars ripped donuts throughout the Northwest corner of the island while trying to find a wave that was good enough. Kia minivans bottomed out on bumpy dirt roads and Nissan sedans were marooned on soft sand paths. Still, the wind remained as strong as the local rum punch and the swell couldn't seem to hit anywhere just right. Like a deviant brotherhood, everybody communicated with one another in an attempt to pinpoint the best spot, but this was only gasoline to the already raging fire of confusion. There were lead-ons and dupes, unannounced arrivals and no-shows, empty promises and flat out lies. But in the end, everyone found fun waves. The Kia minivans recovered with their undercarriages unscathed, and the Nissan sedans were towed back to the firm safety of concrete roadways. And when the sun had set, everyone was tan. — Brendan Buckley

All photos: Jimmicane

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