RoadSoda: 2016 Rip Curl Pro Bells, Day 2

unspecifiedAll Photos: Corey Wilson

Wait for it.

…wait for it…

…wait for it…


We are back at Bells and I promise that’s the last time I embed the ACDC video. Maybe. Anyway, the waves are a bit bigger today and we’re going to finish off Round 1 and then some. Expect turns, turns, turns and turns! Power surfing ain’t dead, baby, it’s just been napping at Bells.

Look for updates throughout the day to appear below.


Update #1, 10 AM — The first few heats came, the first few heats went, and surprises were few and far between. Parko won. Wilko won (#WilkoWorldChamp). Kai Otton won — which isn’t surprising until you consider the fact that he was surfing against Kelly Slater. Kelly only caught three waves in the heat for a not so grand total of 7.17 points. It’s an interesting time for the best surfer in the history of everything. He still surfs well enough to win, he just surf that way all the time. Not so good in a game where consistency claims crowns (ask Adriano or Mick about that). Now, some photos.

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Update #2, 1 PM — Round 1 is over and nobody broke the internet. I’m not sure if anyone even broke the morse code. It was a great day to be goofy as Nat Young, Wiggolly Dantas and Matt Wilkinson all won heats. It wasn’t a great day to be Jordy Smith because he didn’t. The women are heading out there now, so here are a few photos of John John.

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