RoadSoda: 2016 Rip Curl Pro Bells, Day 3

Just take @mfanno's word for it…brah. Clip: @corey_wilson

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Windy Bells.

You like that? Yeah. So does Mick. It’s Easter Sunday in Australia and it’ll be a full day of surfing at the 2016 Rip Curl Pro. I’m going to try my hardest to not make any jokes about the resurrection of power surfing but no promises. Now here are a few of Corey Wilson’s photos from this morning.

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Update #1, 12 PM — It’s ugly out there. And there’s something beautiful about that.

These are not the conditions anyone dreams of. Too small to call it big, too big to be considered small, just wind-whipped walls clumsily collapsing in a grey sea, under a grey sky, in the grey area of wave size nomenclature. Challenging everyone and not apologizing for shit.

Which is awesome.

You’re not gonna see the best air ever done today. You won’t see the best turn either. What you will see is a group of the best surfers in the world trying to win in some very difficult conditions. There’s a feeling of realness to it all — a pretty rare thing on this so called dream tour. It’s unique.

And by the way, Kelly won his heat.

…but lost this face swap with Gabriel Medina.


Wilko looks good in yellow and how about Seabass? He’s been talking about how good it is to surf a CT event without feeling the pressure that goes along with being a full-time CTer. And, uhh, it’s showing.