RoadSoda: Day 1 At The Quik Pro

Photo Mar 11, 12 03 26 PMThe sight of the Superbank just as the first heat hit the water.

They say that good things come to those who wait - but is there a saying out there that says anything about average things coming to those who impatiently tap their foot?

Day one at the Quik Pro Gold Coast is underway, and although it may not be in everyone’s ideal Snapper conditions, it’s still at a satisfactory level of rippable. So why not get a few heats under our belt?

CONTESTMichel Bourez, manhandling his way to a heat win. Photo: Hammonds

CONTEST_2Filipe Toledo, not missing a beat since last year. Photo: Hammonds

I’m currently sitting in a comfortably cool room, refreshment at hand, ogling a fairly lacking fruit tray, and watching defending Snapper champ Filipe Toledo effortlessly flick his way around an electric blue wall. So now that I give it a thought, let’s get this thing going!

Or maybe they should’ve waited longer. It’s almost really good, but very almost. I think the day’s indecisiveness is beginning to wear off on me - red apple or green?

Anyways, we’ll be updating you right here on all of the day’s happenings, in the water and out, so make sure to check back for more throughout the day.

Remember this guy? His name is Mick Fanning and he’s won himself three world titles along with the hearts of millions. He’s also just won his Round 1 heat with a heat total just north of seventeen points and James Dean-esque poise. Maybe this whole, “I’m not surfing every event.” thing is just some mental sorcery to disengage any stress from his head? Or maybe he’s for real. Either way, he’s currently the one to beat out here.

MikeyMikey Wright on was way to an upset. Photo: Hammonds

Screen Shot 2016-03-10 at 9.14.17 PM

Speaking of world titles, defending champ Adriano De Souza just went down, very narrowly, to the man you see above. Mikey Wright, Quik Pro very-wildcard, found himself needing a mid-range score in the dying seconds and delivered like a seasoned vet. I mean, is it even possible to lose with a mullet like that?

And the theme of the upsets continues…

sherm day1 #4.jpgAfter an unsure few days, the king arrived. Photo: Sherm

Goofyfooted character Matt Wilkinson just took down our favorite elusive bald-eagle, Mr. Kelly Slater, in a back-and-forth battle of forehand vs. backhand. -and the score doesn’t lie. Wilko found his rhythm of patented tail-heavy whip and seemed to have too much steam to be stopped.

Maybe I do like these fickle conditions, because you know what is entertaining? Shake-ups, and this day’s been full of ’em.

sherm day1 #10.jpgAdvice… Photo: Sherm

ConnerExecution. Photo: Hammonds

FreestoneJack Freestone nearly took down his maiden CT heat, but will surely be back for blood come Round 2. Photo: Hammonds

Toward the tail end of the day, the swell began to show its face with a few waves venturing into the head-high plus zone. The favored Southerly winds are due to return tomorrow, so stay tuned as we could very well see another full day of competition.