RoadSoda: Day 2 At Snapper


Sunburnt and sore, I roll out of bed on the eighth floor of the Rainbow Place apartments only to be greeted by the sight you see above. It seemed that just overnight, this sand bank that I’ve only heard and seen so much of my entire life had finally come into its true form. As the sun breaches the horizon, the day’s promise is invigorating.

But beauty alone can’t lift these heavy eyelids, time for a coffee.

ConnorNerves? Nah, he’s good. Photo: Hammonds

6:50am – A very cheerful Conner Coffin exits the water from his morning freesurf – which ended with a reminder of who sits where on the CT totem pole. Round 1 opponent and fellow Round 2 occupant Kelly Slater fades Conner on a wave because, well, we’re not sure why – and neither is he. Rookie hazing? Quite possibly. But the kid’s not going to let a little flogging by the king damper his spirits. Conner’s been laying down some dazzling surfing out here at Snapper and looks to have the fire going into Round 2.

TylerCChalk up another Round 1 heat win for the Wright family. Tyler, banking one to victory.

7:30am – Day 2 at Snapper has begun, and is currently wearing the title of the Roxy Pro. The women are having their first crack at the 2016 WSL season to the tune of clean, 3-4ft high-tide runners and if that’s not something worth smiling about then I don’t know what is. Because who wouldn’t want to watch the world’s finest ladies tear apart one of the world’s finest little waves?

It’s all exciting. Tyler Wright just did a full tail throw and Alessa Quizon backhand is absolutely lethal. Did these girls get better? Have I had too much coffee already? It’s more likely than not.

Ms. Steph Gilmore is back in action and in high spirits. Clip: Sherm

9:45am – The girls just went on hold until 11:30 and will likely resume when the tide drops later today.

MaliaMalia Manuel, no cobwebs here. Photo: Hammonds

12:15pm – Aaaaandd…. We’re back! Heat 5 of the Girl’s Round 1 just finished up and it was a splendid little show. Sally Fitz looked more explosive than ever, with her recent switch to JS boards looking like it’s paying off tenfold in her surfing. But her light-footed jabs were no match for Malia Manuel’s knock-kneed flair. Malia’s been out every morning at the crack of dawn so this Round 1 win for her seems very fitting.

Steph_1Steph Gilmore stepping out of injury in style. Photo: Hammonds

3:00pm – Looks like the girls will finish out the day, eventually getting into Round 2 and 3, and the men will be back on call in the morning. Stay tuned right here and follow @theroadsoda on Instagram for more happenings.