RoadSoda: Day 4 At The Quik Pro

image1(1)Heart eyes for the Superbank.

Am I still dreaming? The short drive up to Kirra hill was well worth it. From Snapper to the inside of KIrra, corduroy lines filter through the sections with barrels and step-downs and foamballs and all those things you would imagine when you think of pumping Superbank. There’s a slight cloud cover, it’s about 80 degress in and out of the water, and it’s properly pumping.

Unknown-2Kolohe reveling in relief after taking down the last Round 2 heat. Photo: Sherm

Unknown-6Conner Coffin battled his way into Round 4 with a buzzer-beater win over Italo. Photo: Sherm

8:50am – Men’s Round 2 just finished up, with local kid Jack Freestone going down to Caio Ibelli in a close one and Round 3 getting its start. It’s going to be a good long day of competition and that sinking feeling that the girls got the best of the waiting period has nearly vanished.

UnknownFil dished out a spanking to rookie Ryan Callinan with a ten point win. Photo: Sherm

@connercoffin and @koloheandino22 get a couple of wins. Comp on hold until 1 and it's still looking good out there. Clip: @tsherms

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11:00am – The morning high tide crept its way in and the softening conditions weren’t quite up to par for what we’re looking for today, but that doesn’t mean the action stops. Contest is on hold until 1pm and the jet-skis have kept the water clear up at Snapper to let the top thirty four have a practice without the hassles of hundreds of others. Sound entertaining? Well, it is.

Unknown-1Mikey Wright. Because, awesome. Photo: Sherm

1:45pm – Round 3 is back ON down here at Snapper rocks and no matter how much he looks like he’s winning above, Mikey Wright goes down to world champ A.D.S in the first heat to resume. Apparently, De Souza was having himself a snooze before his heat and had to get woken up just minutes before his heat went out. But there was no sleep in his surfing. A meticulous point break dissection is what he delivered and earned himself a spot into Round 4.

_CW01390Filly, he’s been here before. Photo: Wilson

_CW01537Some events, but all quality. Mick Fannings stamps his trademark on the face of Snapper. Photo: Wilson

6:55pm – Wow! It’s the evening already? Alright, I’ll admit it. We left the contest for the day on the drop of an invite from Josh Kerr to have a few cold ones at his new project Balter Brewing, But we did watch the comp. Round 4, the non elimination round, is halfway through and Round 3 is a wrap.

To the tune of a few Balter XPAs, the contest plays in the background to Kerr’s commentary. Yeah Filipe looks possessed, yeah Stu Kennedy got another heat win over Mr. Medina, but are you kidding me? Josh Kerr is pouring me beers and that’s enough to celebrate.

sherm day4   20.jpgSometime earlier in the day, always iconic. Sherm nails another one. Photo: Sherman

FanningATens of fans, even when he takes a loss. Photo: Hammonds

The biggest talk of the day though would have to go to Mick Fanning losing his heat against Sebastian Zietz earlier in the day. The champ’s lax attitude proved unrewarding as Bash went for an all-or-nothing dissplay of surfing. But it was one helluva show, and that’s what we came here for, right?

_CW01734Anyone notice Medina’s ode to Fanning? The lemon lime colorway didn’t get him a heat win, but we feel he’ll be on a good one this year. Photo: Wilson

Fil Toledo also came to play in Round 4 today dishing out a perfect ten and a nine in his sleep. Will we see the possessed little ninja in the Final once again? Right now, it’s looking that way.

The rest of Round 4 is on for the morning, with a solid flow of swell still on tap and more favorable winds in store. Tune back in right here throughout the day and follow @therodsoda on Instagram for up-to-date coverage as the day unfolds.