RoadSoda: Day 5 At the Quik And Roxy Pro

lineup-day 5

You ever wonder what it’d be like if your “work day” required you to wake up on a beautiful, sunny morning, make a quick breakfast, jump in bathtub-warm water and surf pumping Snapper Rocks with only one other person out? Well, that’s currently the situation down here for a select crop of the best men and women in the world. What a drag, huh?

JohnJohn John Florence looking ever spicy. Photo: Hammonds

StuAlthough he took a loss, don’t count Stu Kennedy out. He’s been surfing out of his head. Photo: Hammonds

9:00am - Day 5 of the Quik and Roxy Pro is off and running. The men have already finished up the rest of Round 4 with John John Florence and Kolohe Andino taking a pair of heat wins. Kolohe was surfing dangerous, with a form and flow that we know he’s capable of, but rarely see maintained throughout an entire contest. If Brother can keep his head straight and legs loose for the Quarters we could be seeing a solid result from the Californian.

SeabassSeabass, going down swinging. Photo: Hammonds

John is also looking like he’s found a flame. He’s calm, cool, and composed - strutting up the beach and into the behemoth scaffolding after his heat with a look on his face that suggests the voice in his head is shouting “That’s how it’s done motherfuckers

The girls are out in the water now. Steph took a win in the first heat over Nikki Van Dijk and it looks like she’s in a good place to chalk up yet another win on the Gold Coast.

SHERM DAY 5  10.jpgCourtney and Sage, two stanp-up gals. Photo: Sherm

StephQueen Steph. Photo: Hammonds

11:30am - The girls have made their way into the Quarterfinals and Tyler Wright has just defeated hometown favorite Steph Gilmore with plain old fashioned ripping. Steph looked loose, but unfortunately couldn’t connect with a wave that gave her a decent wall. The notable moment was a little flare of emotion and a board throw from Steph as she heard her last wave wasn’t enough to take the lead - devastated, and rightfully so.

TylerBTyler takes down the local fave. Photo: Hammonds

The point is beginning to look a bit swollen with the incoming tide delivering weak, dribbly conditions. And although it would be the common surfer’s dream, the contest is going on hold to let it sort itself out. We’ll be back at 2:15 for the next call to finish out the rest of the girl’s Quarterfinals.

SHERM DAY 5   2.jpgCarissa is on her way to the Quarters and looking sharp as ever. Photo: Sherm

Until then I will try to figure out what to think about seeing Christian Fletcher wearing a fanny pack down here. Is he not a fan of pockets? Does he just have too many trinkets? Is there a kazoo in there? I feel like all fanny packs should have a kazoo in them.

3:45pm - Boom! We’re back! Men’s Round 5 has started with a bang!

Or maybe it was more of a murmur…

Joel Parko and Caio Ibelli seemed to have just protested the start of their heat after not one, but two restarts riddled with lull. As the two trudged their way to shore after the second restart, a third horn blew and just like that they were told to get back out there. Bede is calling it the first ever beach start in a CT, but it just goes to show who’s boss when in comes to making the call.

Apparently, surfers are NOT allowed to make an audible and call off a heat if the decision has already been made to run. But it’s no issue now as plenty of waves have started to make their way in.

SHERM DAY5 11.jpgParko laughs it off and pockets a spot into the Quarters. Photo: Sherm

The conditions are improving, and although much smaller than previous days, the waves could still facilitate plenty of wiggle for a full afternoon of competition.

6:00pm - That’s a wrap for the day and Stu Kennedy just dissected his way through yet another heat and is looking so good out here at Snapper. With a few giants in his trail of destruction, he could go all the way.

WSL SHERM DAY 5   12.jpgKanoa Igarashi, making multiple countries proud. Photo: Sherm

AdrianoAA.D.S. crisp as ever going into the Quarters. Photo: Hammonds

California kids and fellow rookies Conner Coffin and Kanoa Igarashi both lost out in Round 5 today, but can hang their
heads high with the ability to say that they placed higher than an eleven time world champ in their first-ever CT event.

AceThe only lefty left, but Ace isn’t going to let odds stop him. Photo: Hammonds

StuAThere’s a buzz on the beach when Stu Kennedy hits the water, here’s why. Photo: Hammonds

The batch of people in the Quarters is an interesting one and is sure to entertain. First heat of the day will see a match-up between past event winner Fil Toledo and Coolangatta favorite Joel Parko. Matt Wilkinson faces A.D.S, Kolohe goes against Ace, and John John Florence will touch gloves with Stu Kennedy. Tomorrow will most likely be the final day of competition and it’s anyone’s game. Tune back in right here and follow @theroadsoda on Instagram for more up to date coverage as the day unfolds.