Some Answers with Dane Ward and Wade Goodall


Dane Ward and Wade Goodall get their first taste of New England

By Alex Ryden
Photos By Nick Lavecchia

After Hurricane Bill collided with the East Coast, everyone from Florida to Maine had some sort of all-time surf story to claim. We're still hearing them. But for Dane Ward and Wade Goodall, the swell in New England was a tale of superhero proportions: police blockades, angry lifeguards, and 200 screaming fans. Who knew a surf trip could be so much fun? Dane Ward explains how a near surf fiasco turned fantastic in New England.


Maine lineup Photo: Lavecchia

SURFING Magazine: What had you heard about the waves over there?

Dane Ward: I never knew there were waves in New England [laughs]. When we heard we might be going there, Wade and I starting looking on YouTube for videos. We saw a couple waves that looked fun, but nothing crazy good. There was a lot of hype with that hurricane and everyone was just talking about different spots, but no one really knew what to expect. We knew we were in for something good, but it was all totally new to us.


Dane Ward Photo: Lavecchia

We heard you guys scored…like no one else on the East Coast.

Pretty much. I guess every summer the place we ended up surfing just turns into a full-on beach town. Everyone from the inland suburbs comes and spends their summers there. The town has to hire cops and lifeguards just to watch over the massive migration, and most of the lifeguards probably hadn't ever stepped out of a chlorinated pool. We heard that the police had closed off the beach because the waves were too big and dangerous, so that was frustrating because with hurricanes, you usually only get one good day of surf. I was just thinking to myself, "F–k, we should just surf no matter what." It wasn't like they could stop us — they certainly weren't going to swim out after us. As we watched, we saw a perfect set come in. No one was out in the water, but there were probably 200 people on the beach, just in awe. The wave was coming through this little cove and there were rocks you could jump off from and into the water. Wade and I just looked at each other and said, "There's no way we aren't surfing this." Someone dropped us off at the end of the point and we just ran down the rocks and jumped in. Not even 30 seconds in the water we could hear the lifeguards whistling, then we saw them standing at the water's edge trying to wave us in. We surfed the wave for two hours with just us in the water and every time we took off on a wave the whole beach would just erupt. Even when we'd do a flyaway kick-out, the crowd would cheer. We were all saying it was one of the top sessions we have ever had.


Pat Millin Photo: Lavecchia

Wade Goodall Photo: Lavecchia

Wade Goodall Photo: Lavecchia

Pat Millen Photo: Lavecchia

Pat Millin Photo: Lavecchia