Some Answers with Nate Yeomans + Giveaway


Nate Yeomans is one of four California rookies entering the 2010 WCT. We caught up with him between west coast rain squalls to talk about Al Borlin, World Titles, and getting mental.

By Matt Skenazy

SURFING Magazine: What's it been like back home, waiting for the WCT to start?

Nate Yeomans: It's been nice, I actually got stitches in my foot like a week ago, so I haven't been surfing. The nose of my board nailed me in the outside of my foot while I was surfing at Creek. It's been kind of non-stop waves though.

We've had a lot of waves, and I've been working a lot with Rusty on my equipment and tuning that stuff in. I've been training and working out, getting myself prepared for that top league of competition. It's been nice kind of charging the batteries because I leave for ten weeks straight pretty soon.

What have you been doing to train?

I've been seeing a sports psychologist guy, working on the more mental stuff. And I've been going to DSC up in Huntington with Kevyn Dean, and a place here in San Clemente called Finish Strong. Been trying to get fit as a fiddle.

Which contest are you most excited to surf in?

All of them in different waves, but probably Snapper, just because it's the first event and the place it's at, and how the wave quality usually is. Teahupoo too, since it's such a perfect wave, and as everyone knows it scares the shit out of ya. To surf a heat out there would be insane.

Who are you most excited to surf against?

It would be cool to surf a man on man heat with one of the Gudauskas boys.

Who is the last person that you want to draw in your first heat at Snapper?

Fanning or Parko would probably suck since it's their spot, and they're freaks of nature.

What are your predictions for yourself and the other California rookies on tour?

I think with the changes in store, it kind of works in our favor. We're kind of new to the whole thing as is, so one more new rule isn't going to effect us as much. Maybe some of the other guys are getting more caught up by it. I think it gives us more reason to really push ourselves and put it all on the line. It's hard enough as is with that drastic cut. I think we're really gonna have to step up and go big or go home.

Who is going to win the World Title next year?


Who will be the next Californian to win the World Title?

Bobby [Martinez] would be sick. It's been a while since a goofy footer has won it. He's been on the tour for a couple of years, and he wins events.

Do you have any other plans for the upcoming year, or are you just going to focus on the WCT?

It's pretty stupid not to do the 'QS and secure a spot if you're not doing well on the 'CT. So I'm gonna be doing some of them, not all of them, but a few. I'm really gonna work on filming as well. I'm doing a boat trip this spring and I'm going early over to OZ to stay with [Josh] Kerr for like ten days and just work with the Rusty guys and film a bunch to try and nail down a good part.

What have you been doing this past week as California has been brutalized by this string of storms?

I've been painting my house, I'm just about done. I've been Al Borlin over here. We bought a house over here a couple months ago, but it was a foreclosure so it has got all of these odds and ends that need to be fixed.



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