Adriano Impresses

Our Benevolent Dictator, Evan Slater, is – among other things – a good person. He’s been calling Shenanigans! on the anti-Brazilian sentiment since before even Jimmicane, but he was wise enough to know that waxing complimentary (or scolding us as closet Klansmen) could easily fall on deaf ears. So he showed us the character and intelligence of Adriano De Souza in Adriano’s own words, with a brief interview that shows the current world #2 as nothing less than a humble, well-spoken, earnest competitor looking to do his best against the best.



Adriano, smiling!




Often, the guys I love to root for are the ones who seem like solid humans – Pat O’Connell was always one of my favorites because he seemed to have a smile bolted onto his face; the Malloys come off as nice guys; Dave Rastovich clearly wants to leave the world better than he found it, etc… It’s great to have, in Adriano, another good guy to cheer on. Huzzah!



Pat O, smiling! And...SUPing.

Pat O, smiling! And...SUPing.