BEST RIGHT: Probably Kelly in his first round turn, he just did that one really cool turn on his fishy board – a layback hack thing.


BEST FLIGHT: Taj in the heat after me, he did a couple of cool air reverses.


BEST NIGHT: Probably the Modern Collective/Days of the Strange thing the other night that Kai [Neville] put on. He screened the movie and had free drinks, it was a cool little nightclub thing with a bunch of people that I knew.


BEST BITE: At Raw Energy just down the street. Best lunches and breakfasts you can get. I get the turkey sandwich on Turkish bread. (Editor’s Note: Julian’s girlfriend Lauren seconded this answer and said she gets the same thing. Who knows whether he orders for both of them, but mod feminists don’t tend to like that. Who knows whether Lauren’s a mod feminist.)


BEST SIGHT: Probably the funniest thing was seeing me break my board on my butt in my first heat.