Tanner: I saw Parko get one our first day at D-Bah and do like four big, upside down turns and end it with an alley-oop.

Pat: Parko, off the wall, that little wedge in Duranbah. He was training, trying a couple of different boards the day before the event, and he was shredding.


Dane: Best right was the righthand turn into our hotel room, into the best view I've ever seen.



Tanner: Josh Kerr, the morning before the heats. Big air 360.

Pat: He didn't stick it, but it was Dean Morrison in his round one heat. He did a huge alley oop and kinda tweaked it, and it looked like he went into layback and he had it, but…he somehow just didn't quite pull it. But it was pretty mental so I'll give him props.


Dane: I seen Taj Burrow do some sweet little airs [Dane says this with a back-of-the-van slur and a wicked, tricksy grin that belongs on Most Wanted. I don't know why he does that.]



Tanner: Oooh…hopefully my best night is yet to come. But the best one so far was probably that movie premiere. We kinda haven't gone out a lot, but that premiere was sick. 

Pat: What would the title of that night be? Best night was the premiere of the Kelly movie, but what did they call that? A Fly in the Champagne. Free Coronas all night.


Dane: Nice couple glasses of quiet wine and some good…company.


(Would you like to elaborate?)


Dane: Plead the fifth.



Tanner: Yeah, we ate at the Thai place…but then, I don't know, we ate at this weird place where Dane got kebabs and we got Turkish pizza. It was pretty strange, I'd never had Turkish pizza. It's like this weird calzone thing that they wrap up, super salty and strange but it was really good – almost like a loaf of bread, it was really long and thin.

Pat: I'd be torn, because I love Subway so much. So we've been eating Subway. But also had really good meat pies, Coolangatta Pie Shop. Best bite was watching Dane scarf three meet pies and a sausage roll.


Dane: That was my best meal by far.


Pat: Best meal but worst day.


Dane: No, I feel great. I just went out and had a rip session. It's just gas in the tank.



Tanner: Just how many people are out at D-Bah is pretty funny. I didn't know it was really that crowded.

Pat: Kelly getting out from his first round heat. He's seriously, these guys are all like superstars. We saw Mick one day at Subway, and random people are coming up to him – they're full super heroes. So one of the best sights I'd say was Kelly, running out of the water and then just dodging like 200 people. So it's either that, or how many hot chicks there are. How many chicks, or Kelly being a freak.


Dane: Seeing all the best surfers in the closest proximity.